Thursday, April 3, 2014

Four Months Ago

Four months ago I became a grandma.  At 1:23 on 12/3, Branch Lionheart Murdock was born.  
Four months ago, I held Branch in my arms.  He held my hand.  He made cute baby noises.  I was surprised.  I was delighted. I fell in love.

Four months ago, I was anxious, I was proud, I was happy, I was sad.  At least 1,000 emotions assailed me that day.
Four months ago, I was with my little girl, but she was no longer a little girl.  She was a woman, a mom; a mom full of joy and love for her newborn son, a woman  who is facing her tremendous loss with courage and grace and honesty. (see Kristin Eats)  

Last week I held a baby that was Branch's age.  It is the first time I have held a baby since holding Branch.  And I realized how full, yet broken my heart is.  Full because I had a chance to know and love Branch.  Broken because I miss him so, that beautiful bit of heaven that graced my life-
four months ago. 

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