Sunday, August 25, 2013

Making Memories

In the 34 years since I've been married, there have been various fads that have come and gone on ways to keep memories.  Realize, that this was before cell phones, digital cameras, and easy to use home computers.  (How did we live??) One of the first waves of memory making was making some kind of stitchery. Almost every other young mother I knew had needlepoint and cross-stitch "stuff" everywhere you looked.  I tried, I really did.  I bought kit after kit of cute things I was going to make for my kids.  I eventually threw them all away.

The next big craze, that I remember, was photo memory books.  There were classes and groups and more paper, punches and stickers, then anyone could possibly use.  I have a lot of friends that were very, very good at that and have beautiful photo-storybooks throughout their homes.  My daughters even have a talent for that. As for me...well, all those photo memory books I bought are still sitting unused in a box somewhere along with boxes of photos that are still not sorted. 
When it comes to chronicling memories, I feel as if I fail miserably. But, I do not fail to make memories.  I loved spending time with Kristin and Baby Murdock. Here are just a few of the memories we made.

  Work and Play

I enjoyed going to Kristin's house on the train to help do anything I could. The train ride up the coast was relaxing, and cleaning a house that is not your own is not difficult to do.   
I did a little bit of laundry.  A mother's love knows no bounds. (I really dislike doing laundry).

We went to the beach.  Kristin lives less than a mile from the beach.  She goes almost every day.  We went three or four times.  The baby loves to be at the beach!
We ate out a bunch of times.  Chick-fil-a, Nordstrom Cafe, Boudins Bakery.  I think I gained 5 pounds being out in California.

Nordstrom Cafe in downtown SD. Kristin, me, carrot cake, Diet Coke and sunshine!

We went to tea at a place called Shakespeare's Corner Shoppe and Afternoon Tea. It was actually the best Tea I have ever had.  It was great to be with Glenn's mom, Janice, and Kristin.  Janice and I obviously have a lot to bond over besides our great kids.  I so appreciate her support and love for Kristin. 
 We went to a sonogram appointment with Kristin and Glenn.  This was a bittersweet moment for all.  Kristin and Glenn had a certificate for a 4D sonogram and invited us to come before we left.  We could see the baby's face, legs, arms, fingers,  toes, hear the heartbeat.  Such a beautiful, strong child, so alive in mama's womb. It's hard to comprehend that we will not know our grandchild for very long. 
But then I was comforted when I remembered what David wrote in Psalm 139:15, " My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.  When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body." He knows us all, He holds us in His hands.  He will carry us through all of this be it joy or sorrow,  and give us those precious times to continue making memories.

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  1. What special memories, for Grandma and grandson - thank you for sharing these!